Ultimate Tutorial: Character Creation for VFX

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This Tutorial has 2 GOALS:

1)  Practical: Show a Precise Workflow You can follow with the Character Design of your choice, resulting in a strong Portfolio Piece.

2)  Theory: Outline the more general Principles, Design Rules, and Key Skills to create appealing 3d Art

What you get:

- a total of 17+ Hours of video

- Narrated tutorial, discussing Design Principles, Rules & Character Art Skills

- Illustrations and Explanation with Examples

- Timelapse Footage

- PDF ‚Cheat Sheets‘ for Quick Access to the information

- My Ebook ‚Sculpting a realistic Head in Zbrush: A Beginner‘s Guide'

- Zbrush Project Files
- Skin Detail Brushes

Video Content:

1) Reference Collection + Creation 

2) Facial Modeling (Leveraging Scan Data)

3) Body Block out

4) Secondary Shapes

5) Tertiary Shapes + Surfacing in Zbrush

6) Accessories Creation using Zmodeler and other Tools

7) Skin Detailing + Surfacing in Zbrush

8) Texturing in Substance Painter

9) Grooming with Xgen, Shader Setup, and Rendering different AOVs/Render Passes in Maya

10) Compositing Render Passes in Photoshop

Why am I qualified to sell this Course?

Working in the VFX industry I was part of R.R. Martin‘s ‚House of the Dragon‘ where I was the Main Sculptor of the Show‘s largest Dragon, Vhagar. I also worked on ‚The Magic Flute‘ sculpting parts of the Movie‘s main Creature, a Giant Snake.

Being involved in Creature-centered Projects with large Teams I got a really good understanding of what Supervisors and Recruiters are looking for in Character and Creature Artists and I want to share these points with You.

One of my passions for the past few Years was creating tutorials for my Youtube Channel where I am happy to frequently get feedback like this:

“amazing tutorial I have watched a lot and this one surpasses them all as far as a clear visual explanation of sculpting a realistic portrait, this really shouldn't be free!“

“I love it there is so much content in those videos i definitely seen a night and day improvement after watching your videos !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !!!“

“You know when you find a great channel on youtube that you know you'll be following for years? That's what this is for me. Amazing instructional video. Very focused and brief but with enough detail that we never feel lost.“

“This is the best tutorial for face sculpting that you could find on you tube.Every minute contains a ton of information.Thanks a lot bro for making this amazing tutorial.“

Skill Level required:

 This Course is suitable for Beginners as well as Intermediate Artists.

What do you have to know:

Basic knowledge of Zbrush, Substance Painter and Maya is desirable. I will not cover basic tools and Navigation.

Some practice in Digital Sculpting and anatomy will help but is not necessary to gain the benefits of this tutorial.

What's NOT included:

- Topology / Retopology     This tutorial shows different modeling techniques but there is no focus on animation-ready topology or retopology process

Please to make sure to look through the chapters listed in the marketing information to see if the topic you are interested in is included!


Zbrush, Substance Painter, Maya, Photoshop

For questions or comments you can reach me on ig: https://www.instagram.com/lukaskutschera/

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Ultimate Tutorial: Character Creation for VFX

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