Sculpting a realistic head in Zbrush: A Beginner's Guide (Ebook)

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Whether you want practical Zbrush Tips or learn more about Anatomy Fundamentals, this Ebook covers everything head-sculpting and will give you the information to ignite new progress in your head sculpts!
This 83 page PDF contains everything you need to know, from references and useful resources to the skull and facial fat compartments and finally skin detailing techniques in Zbrush, that are efficient and result in realistic portraits.
This is the perfect reference to keep open while you are sculpting, allowing you to quickly lookup information and tips and get back to sculpting immediately.


1. Skull

2. Facial Muscles

3. Facial Fat Deposits

4. Sculpting the Facial Features

5. Reference

6. Zbrush Tips

7. Skin detail

8. Common Beginner Mistakes


You will also get the Skull and Finished Head Model! (.ztl Zbrush 2021)

Make sure to also check out the 2-hour Youtube Tutorial, so you can see the information being implemented and follow along with your own head sculpt!

This Ebook is artist-friendly with little text, so you don't have to weed out any unnecessary filler and you can start applying as fast as possible!

Happy Sculpting!

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Sculpting a realistic head Ebook with 83 Pages BONUS: Skull Ztool + Realistic head sculpt Ztool

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Sculpting a realistic head in Zbrush: A Beginner's Guide (Ebook)

13 ratings